• Summer semester 2019

    11 February 2019

  • Winter semester 2019/20:

    23 September 2019

  • Business & Management

    Business Studies for English speakers in Vienna  who want to upgrade their knowledge and skills to work in an international environment, either in Austria or abroad.

  • The EBM programme

    The English Business Management (EBM) programme combines a broad theoretical foundation with practical orientation, taught by experienced academic staff and native speakers. It will:

    • help you to improve your overall business English language skills in writing, speaking, reading, and listening
    • develop your understanding of economic principles and the interdependence of industry, commerce, and production
    • introduce you to Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing
    • improve your IT-skills, essential to all management support staff (MS Office Professional)
    • help you to further develop your career skills to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • In brief

    • is a 1-yr administrative programme
    • prepares for your professional career
    • focuses on:
      – Business Studies
      – Communication Techniques
      – Office Management
      – IT Skills
    • Entry with GCE, O/A-Levels or equivalent
Course Aims
  • To prepare students for employment in international organizations/firms;
  • To introduce students to the contemporary business environment and give a comprehensive understanding of management functions and practices;
  • To familiarize students with Marketing, Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship
  • To enable students to manage effective business communications;
  • To assist students in becoming computer literate (MS Office Professional);
  • To achieve proficiency in Office Management and Career Skills.

Listen to current EBM students talking about their EWS studies:

Course Structure

EBM course structure with fifteen weeks of instruction in class and one exam week per semester. Take advantage of the five practice units (without instructor) – one each day – to train and to improve the skills taught.

In class:

15 weeks of instruction and 1 exam week per semester

1st Semester


(contact hours per week)

2nd Semester

2 hrs


2 hrs

3 hrs

Business Administration

3 hrs

2 hrs

Business Correspondence

2 hrs

2 hrs

Communication Techniques

2 hrs

3 hrs

Computer Applications

3 hrs

2 hrs

Introduction to Management

Managing People; Entrepreneurship

2 hrs

2 hrs

Office Management

2 hrs

1 hrs

Career Skills

1 hrs

1 hrs

Intro to International Organisations

1 hrs

2-4 hrs

Optional subjects

2-4 hrs

(online training)

Outside class:

5 practice units (without instructor) – one each day –
to train and to improve the skills taught.

Course Content
    The student learns about basic principles of accounting and bookkeeping
    provides the student with an understanding of basic economic principles and the interdependence of industry, commerce and production.
    gives an in-depth overview of the main types of written business English – emails, letters, memos – and its use in office communication. The student learns to express him-/herself appropriately in a wide variety of business situations.
    to improve the student’s oral proficiency with particular attention to interviewing, presentation techniques, and telephoning.
    Intensive training of MS office programmes (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).
    The student studies the basic principles of management including management techniques and leadership qualities as well as the structure of companies.
    gives an introduction to concepts of personnel management.
    writing of a business plan and the role of entrepreneurs in the business world.
    gives an overview of the most important International Organizations focusing in greater detail on the organizations present in Vienna – their history and objectives, structure and main activities.
    modern office management saves time and makes efficient use of support-services. These lessons help the student with office and personal organisation. Career skills include not only the necessary soft skills but also transferable job skills used throughout working life (managing time, setting priorities, meeting goals, managing conflicts etc.)
    using an E-Learning tool outside regular classes, students train to touch-type with accuracy, neatness, intelligent display and a reasonable rate of output (International Organizations still require a speed typing test of some 40 wpm).

Optional subjects (to be chosen by the school):

6 participants required at a minimum. An extra charge of € 95 per semester hour applies.

  • REMEDIAL ENGLISHfor students who need additional instruction in order to master the course.
  • OTHER FOREIGN LANGUAGEStaught by native speakers; eg SPANISH

After completion of your one-year English Business Management studies, you will receive the prestigious ESA Certificate recognised by the business community and international organizations (UN in Vienna) and issued by ESA – European educational network known for excellence in management support training for over 50 years.

Your Employers

As EBM graduate you will work in international organizations and companies such as UN, UNIDO, IAEA, OSCE, SIEMENS, CANON, IBM, etc.

Effective communication skills and proficient handling of business situations will determine your professional success. Your ESA-qualification in office management and IT skills will give you the necessary professional expertise to become an effective management assistant for the global business world.

Enrolment & Fees


  • General Education and adequate knowledge of English (e.g. GCE „O“ levels or High School Leaving Certificate – “A”-levels)An English placement test will be given.
  • Students must be at least 17 years of age.


Please bring with you:

  • Your school leaving certificate
  • Passport

FEES (2018/19)

  • Registration (non-refundable): EURO 95
  • Annual tuition: EURO 6,490
    payable in 11 monthly instalments; € 590 each

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