September 2019

BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies

European College of Business and Management (ECBM) – EWS-Vienna

For EWS students and graduates: top-up studies of ECBM – European College of Business and Management, London, UK for a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies.

Next programme start:

  • September 2019

Next open house:

  • TBA

For further details please contact:
Ingeborg Kühling-Garfield, Executive Director, EWS Vienna
Tel: 0043 1 587 54 77 0


The Bachelor programme is administered and delivered by ECBM staff and quality assured by a state-certified UK university, which awards the internationally recognised qualification.

  • Business Communications
    This module concentrates on how to effectively communicate in business. It illustrates intercultural communication, corporate identity and reputation, PR and advertising. Students are prepared to critically understand and utilise a range of communication theories within the business sector.
  • Business Research Project
    This is a module provides learners with the opportunity to conduct research and leads to development of group work and research skills. Students are encouraged to adopt a more critical reflective approach to problem solving at University and in employment.
  • Business Strategy
    The aim is to provide students with a holistic understanding of organisations and their interaction with their environments. Tools and techniques used by strategic decision makers help to structure an organisation and connect themes such as globalisation and its impact on business strategy.
  • Accounting Theory and Practice
    In this module students are given and introduction to finance. All businesses need to use financial resources, and this gives students a foundation in understanding the purposes of financial and non-financial management accounting.
  • Ethics and Sustainability
    This module introduces students to the particular problems and opportunities experienced in adopting or ignoring business ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  • International Business
    This module develops the ability to analyse the global business environment with a systematic understanding of international trade. Case studies from different industries are referred to in this module.
  • Degree:
    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Studies
  • Duration:
    12 months (3 trimesters)
  • Programme Language:
  • Teaching Location:
    Munich (Vienna possible based on minimum numbers)
  • Teaching Method: Blended Learning
  • Programme Delivery:
    9 weekend seminars (Fri-Sun)
  • Accreditation:
    Accreditation from a State-Certified University
  • ECTS Credits: 180 ECTS
  • Programme Start:
    September 2018 until August 2019
  • Tuition Fees: € 4,950
    (Accommodation and travel expenses are not included)

The European College of Business and Management (ECBM) is located in the heart of London and teaches in several locations across Germany. It is one of the most successful overseas Chamber Colleges and a leading provider of tailor-made business and management training for European companies and individual students. Established in 1988 by the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce it has developed various partnerships with Chambers of Commerce within Europe and is supported by internationally renowned companies such as Bosch, Commerzbank and Siemens AG.
The emphasis is set on the importance of continuous and lifelong learning. To date the ECBM has provided more than 12,000 students with important business, cultural and language skills to enable them to work successfully in an international environment. ECBM specialises in providing opportunities for the German market, based on flexible, internationally accredited programmes offered by its partner university in the UK.

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Entry requirements
  • Past full-time EWS-Vienna students who have completed the appropriate EMA, ESA or ITTA programmes with a
    minimum of 120 ECTS credits, and who have already gained a minimum of 12 consecutive months of professional
    full-time work experience.
  • Current full-time EWS-Vienna students who are in their 5th semester or who have completed 5 semesters of
    their EWS Vienna programme.
  • A good level of proficiency in the English language is required as the entire programme is delivered in English.
Programme Delivery

Programme Delivery

The unique mix of different learning styles, called Blended Learning, is a modern form of teaching that combines e-learning, self-study and intensive in-class teaching seminars, aimed at professionals with limited time. The block seminars are learning opportunities that use case studies, group interaction and discussions. Students are expected to actively participate in the seminars and therefore must complete the directed reading instruction from tutors, given in the preparation phase, to engage with the module content before coming to a session.

As a student on the programme you will have access to our student platform at any place and time. Even when you are away you can access the teaching material, get in touch with tutors as well as your fellow students about group work and study questions. In addition to the teaching material, supplied via our student platform prior to any teaching session, every participant receives access to electronic journal services with a broad range of relevant literature.


After successful completion of the programme students will be awarded with the internationally recognised degree “BA (Hons) in Business Studies” by the University of South Wales. The entire degree encompasses 180 ECTS.