Welcome to Vienna: 10 Reasons to Study in Vienna (with EWS)

They say the Danube only looks blue to those who are in love, but it’s incredibly easy to fall in love with Vienna, the most populous city that this mighty river crosses. A city that for the tenth year in a row, Mercer’s ‘Quality of Living’ city ranking declared as the world’s best city to live in.

If you asked different people what they like most about Vienna, you’d get a colourful rainbow of answers. A culture buff would praise Vienna’s legendary opera, theatre and concert venues, an art lover would mention Vienna’s famous art scene, an outdoorsy person would tell you about the closeness of the river, parks, mountains and forests.

People often say they fell in love with Vienna without being able to tell why. We, however, came up with 10 very good reasons why you should come study in Vienna.