They say the Danube only looks blue to those who are in love, but it’s incredibly easy to fall in love with Vienna. A city that for the tenth year in a row, Mercer’s ‘Quality of Living’ city ranking declared as the world’s best city to live in.

People often say they fell in love with Vienna without being able to tell why. We, however, came up with 10 very good reasons why you should come study in Vienna.

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10 Reasons to study in Vienna (with EWS)

Reason # 5: Vienna is a city with many career opportunities

The strong presence of international companies and organisations makes Vienna the perfect city for interesting student work that will help you build an international career.

Many of our EWS students decide to stay and work in Vienna after graduating. During their course of study, we do our best to equip them with not just theoretical, but also practical knowledge and skills. Work placements (internships) are the first stepping stone of a successful career, which is why they are compulsory in our study programmes.

„The studies had a broad range and were practice-oriented. The mix of business-related topics with foreign languages was the ideal starting point for my professional career and further studies.
Management was one of my favorites and I liked the many case studies giving the lectures a practical approach. The level for Business English and Spanish were at a peak.
Finally, I could broaden my horizon with my semester abroad, spent in Durham, UK."

Stephanie Mayrhofer, MA , EWS Gaduate, 

working at AstraZeneca, Business Support

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